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Amrita accepts furs, pelt & monetary donations.  If you would like your donated fur to be used for a designated cause, please specify.

About Amrita

Disparaged with an onslaught of synthetics,  cheap & fast manufacturing and  the perpetuation of increased carbon footprinting & waste, I decided to embrace fur restoration.


The goal:

Taking old furs coats and pelts and restoring them to modern long term usability.


The effect:

Natural textiles that work with the body, sustainable resourcing, and rekindling our overall connection with Earth; developing our respect and gratitudes for those (animals) whose have perished in the process: honoring the world around us.



Soft sculptures:

After my son had an accident with TBI, I noticed he was drawn toward certain pelts.  My furrier focus shifted.


My 7 yr old sought an unseen energetic connection that would calm him; make him feel safe & sequester the heightened sensory.  He didn't care what it "looked" like, if it were damaged or ripped or had bald spots.  He was looking beyond his sight- and tapping into how the animals made him FEEL.


And the children from all over, would gather- in hospitals, airports, on streets; to come pet his fox or badger.  These little animals, that to adults, were trash, too damaged for furrier use and to imperfect for taxidermy...  children LOVED them and saw the animals as being perfect - exactly as they were. Scars, a ripped eye, a lost foot:  they didn't care for what they were drawn toward was the connection that existed within.



  • Would it be possible to set all the angst and objection in the world aside?
  • Would it be possible to transform something that had died before it's time and most likely horrifically, into something beautiful & compassionate?
  • Was I ready to take on judgements from the fur-haters and the over-zealous synthetic activists?
  • Was I ready to transform the energy and create something loving and beautiful?
  • Was I ready to defend the animals from the harsh reality  of humankind; sneers and ridicule,  ego, judgement--  even after something has had its life so abruptly taken away?
  • Was I ready to face my own fears of not only working with dead things, but interfacing intensely with the living?
  • And so it was.


I picked up my proverbial sword, my clay and animals- or what was left of them, and began to recreate.


Now, my sculptures are for the living: for those with a heart big enough to love through discernment and rejection, to look beyond the book's cover and fall in love with the radiance that is ignited within.


For those willing to embrace a new breed of compassion, to breathe, I offer you an opportunity to transform YOUR world.


Live, again.




Furrier Restoration

Full deconstruction and cleansing, re-oiling/rehydrating, fur tightening & repair of fur coats & pelts



Transforming vintage coats and pelts into blankets, baby blankets, pillows, etc....



Provide pelts to communities in need as a natural tactile stimulation for sensory reduction, grounding and as natural weighted blankets.



Using selective cross-cultural deep cleaning and re-hydration techniques, we incorporate organic oils and products to provide the most harmonious balanced animal companions possible. Full service soft mount ONLY (this is not a typical soft mount), rug mounts and sculpted stoles.  Rug mount and hard form repair  & servicing.


Private Events/Holidays

Amrita is available for artisan vending, private events, gifting, and corporate/business events:  proceeds are donated to select animal/wildlife organizations  and/or communities in need.




Elderly Communities, Trauma, Terminally Ill Children, Special Needs



Now through Feb 15th, 2018

Valentine's Benefit

Pelts for Kids!  Benefits St Edmond's Home for Children.




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